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Emergensim is an organization of operational training to emergency using simulation as a teaching method.

Our formations are developed in two directions :

  • The management of emergencies in degraded or extreme conditions (harsh environment, conflict or disaster).
  • The critical situations management in healthcare facilities.

Our teaching approach comes in two complementary concepts :

  • The use of simulation.
  • The implementation of training in situ.

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Operational Training




They are experts in the area in which they operate and are emergency doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, midwives, first aid instructors, civilian or military.

We use simulation as a teaching method : our aim is acquision or improvement of practical skills for immediate use by learners.

All our courses are designed around learning objectives that truly meet the needs of learners and determined with them.

Our constant concern is to reconcile learning, immersion in critical situations and fun to learn and progress together.

We give the best of ourselves for you to do it too.

Organisme de formation continue enregistré sous le numéro 11 75 51391 75 auprès du Préfet de région d’Ile-de-France.
Cet enregistrement ne vaut pas agrément de l’Etat.


Organisme habilité à dispenser de programmes de Développement Professionnel Continu.

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13 rue Marceau

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